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The ISEB Pre-Tests (11+)

Here you will find all the information you need if you have children taking the Pre-Tests at 11+ in 2024-25. Information, advice and resources straight from ISEB, the exam board behind the tests.

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What are the ISEB Pre-Tests?

The ISEB Pre-Tests are a set of online, adaptive tests used by leading independent senior schools as part of their admissions processes. There are four parts to the Pre-Tests: English, mathematics, verbal reasoning (VR) and non-verbal reasoning (NVR).

Your child may be required to take the Pre-Tests in Year 6 as part of their senior school applications. The senior schools to which you are applying will advise you as to whether your child will need to take the Pre-Tests. The next testing session will open in September 2024 and close in May 2025. Children may take the tests at any time during this period; all results are age-standardised so there is no disadvantage to pupils that take the tests earlier in the session.

Key dates

10 June 2024: Parent/guardian registration for 2024-25 opens on the Pre-Tests Guardian Portal.
September 2024: The Pre-Tests 2024-25 testing session begins.
May 2025: The Pre-Tests 2024-25 testing session ends.


Parents and guardians register their children for the Pre-Tests online. Registration for the 2024-25 testing session is open now. Registration is free, and is completed online through the Pre-Tests Guardian Portal.


The Pre-Tests are based on the national curriculum so your child will be prepared through their schooling. Some families wish to build on this with preparation activities at home; ISEB provides a range of tools and resources.


ISEB is running monthly webinars for parents and guardians as we approach the 2024-25 testing session. Our 'Preparing for the Pre-Tests' webinars are hosted by experts from the ISEB team and provide invaluable information.

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How to support your child with the Pre-Tests

ISEB promotes a holistic approach to preparation and encourage families to adopt balanced and sustainable practice methods and activities. We believe pupil wellbeing should be at the heart of assessment and we work closely with schools to ensure that the overall test experience is positive and as stress-free as possible for the children taking them.

Many products claim to offer the best way to prepare for ISEB's Pre-Tests. These products often claim to provide an authentic experience, through questions and mock tests that closely align to the Pre-Tests. In all but one case (Bond Online Premium Plus), ISEB has not worked with these companies, and has not supplied any questions or information about our test player to them.

You can familiarise your child with the test experience for free, using our ISEB Pre-Tests Walkthrough. This allows pupils to experience the test player as it will be on the day, and to experiment with the accessibility features available to decide what will work best for them.

If you decide that using a test prep platform is right for your family, ISEB only endorses Bond Online Premium Plus. This is because it is the only platform that contains thousands of questions provided by ISEB. Parents and guardians can support their child through the Guardian Dashboard and assign mock tests to assess current knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

The ISEB Pre-Tests Walkthrough

Experience the Pre-Tests test player interface for free. Explore the accessibility options available, and see the styles and types of questions that might be asked during the tests.

Bond Online Premium Plus

The only Pre-Tests practice platform that features verified questions and mock tests endorsed and written by ISEB, offering the most authentic test prep experience available.

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The Pre-Tests Admissions Toolkit

Visit our dedicated area for parents and guardians of children preparing for the Pre-Tests.

Information for parents and guardians registering children for the 2024-25 ISEB Pre-Tests, as well as important information about test scheduling, special arrangements, and finding an invigilation centre.

Support and guidance on the best way to approach preparing for the 2024-25 ISEB Pre-Tests, as well as resources, tools, and information about upcoming webinars and events for families.

Ask us a question!

The ISEB team is on hand to answer any questions you might have about the upcoming Pre-Tests session through our Pre-Tests Support Portal. You'll also find a wide range of support articles and FAQs.